Premium Massages in Lake Mary

The Lake Mary Massage Experts

Enjoy a relaxing massage to melt the tension away and relax. Traditional massage therapies combined with HLCs services such as the infrared body wrap or lipo light therapy, along with your choice of pressure make for a perfect massage combination.

Traditional Swedish Massage – 30 min  $45.00 – 60 minute massage $70.00

A traditionally light and stretching, relaxing massage. Soothing Swedish strokes relax muscles and the stretching assists in relieving aches from stressful tension knots in your muscles.  

Deep Tissue Massage – 30 min $60.00 – 60 minute massage $85.00

Deep tissue massage that begins with firm, slow gliding pressure to restore the normal length to tight, contracted superficial tissues. Afterward the muscles are massaged with very deep and sustained pressure. Lastly, the muscles are massaged with more deep, sustained pressure until they release and regain their normal resting length.  

Sports Massage – 30 min $65.00 – 60 minute massage $90.00

An invigorating massage for athletic people. Sports Massage combines deep tissue and Swedish massage to concentrate on muscles that tend to be sore due to rigorous activity. The sweeping, repetitive strokes can help to eliminate soreness in over worked muscles and will assist id ridding the body of lactic acid build-up.  

Prenatal – Pregnancy Massage – 30 min $55.00 – 60 minute massage $85.00

This relaxation massage helps relieve sinus congestion, backaches, leg cramps and sciatic pain. We place pillows on your side to aid in comfort during your pregnancy massage.  

Hot Stone Massage – 60 minute massage – $90.00

Stones are warmed up and placed on your body before and during your massage to relieve tension and tight muscles.  A deep tissue massage follows to loosen the tight muscles.  

Bamboo Massage – 60 minute massage – $90.00

Polished bamboo is heated and rolled over the body to loosen tight muscles and relax the back.  This is a new therapy at HLC Lake Mary spa and we are the only spa in Lake Mary offering this unique and relaxing bamboo massage.  

Infrared Body Wrap Massage – 60 minute massage – $135.00

Your muscles are first heated up via infrared heat through an infrared body wrap and then strong sweeping motions are used to relieve sore muscles and loosen up the tight spots and relieve tension.  

Lymphatic Drainage Massage – 30 min $70.00 – 60 minute massage $90.00

Lymphatic drainage massage is perfect for detoxification and eliminating fat that was loosened through Angelic Lift, Lipo Light or Infrared Body Wraps.  

Lake Mary Massage Membership Programs are available to enjoy monthly massages at discounted rates