2-Layer Eye Lift – $20.00
Perfect for puffy eyes, dark circles, or just ‘tired” eyes.

Hand Rejuvenation – $20.00
Hydrate, exfoliate and diminish age spots to restore youthful hands and cuticles.

Lip Rejuvenation – $10.00
Ultra hydrating anti-aging polypeptide lip complex, which dramatically enhances the appearance of lip contours. Adding up to 40% more moisture, volume and reducing fine lines.

Laser Light – $59.00
This add on treatment, is designed to assist in any facial. The light energy is mildly distributed through a special Laser hand probe piece to the targeted area. Levels of energy deliver to your treatment and are used to make the most of any facial. Once the energy of the light is delivered, the light energy will be absorbed by the targeted damaged tissue.

Teeth Whitening – $69.00
Get a whiter, brighter smile in minutes. The procedure is very simple. Hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to the teeth. A cold blue light is placed directly in front of the customer’s exposed teeth and run for 15-20 minutes per treatment.

Teeth Whitening Pen – $22.00
Ideal for inbetween using our professional teeth whitening system.

Cell-U-Lift – $70.00
Body firming treatment- Ideal for inbetween Infrared Body Wrap Reduces appearance of cellulite, firms and tones!
Pre/Post-Operative liposuction Post massage- increase circulation
Pregnancy and cellulite deformities firms and tones, improve skin quality, reduce post-operative swelling