Couples Massage is now available at HLC Spa Lake Mary

HLC Spa becomes the only spa in Florida to offer Angelic Lift
September 5, 2014
Valentines Day Couples Massage is here
February 11, 2016
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Couples Massage is now available at HLC Spa Lake Mary

couples massage in lake mary

Couples Massage is here at our Lake Mary Spa

couples massage in lake maryHLC is happy to welcome back our incredibly talented massage therapist, Wekina.  Wekina brings years of massage therapy and reflexology expertise under her belt and we are super thrilled to have her back.

HLC can now offer couples massage for those interested in receiving 2 massages by 2 different therapists at the same time!  Couples massage is generally a Swedish massage but you can upgrade to whatever massage you like.  For a limited time,  until February 14, 2016 we are offering a 1 hour couples massage for only $79.00!!!

Keep in mind that we offer a large number of amazing massages including Swedish, Prenatal, Sports massage, Reflexology, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage and even heated bamboo massage!  You can upgrade your massages to include sugar scrubs, aromatherapy or sugar scrub options.

A couples massage is a great way to relax and unwind together in a quiet, relaxing atmosphere and spoil yourselves together in our tranquil spa.  Massage can help top heal the body and can be helpful with anxiety, sports injuries, headaches, soft tissue injuries, insomnia, digestive disorders and fibromyalgia.  Massage also helps to produce feelings of comfort, caring and connection.

Massage techniques tend to range from light stroking to deep pressing and rubbing as well as manipulating muscles in your body.  Where Swedish massage tends to use kneading and long strokes, a deep tissue massage uses slow strokes that are more forceful  and can target deep layers of connective tissue and muscle.  A trigger point massage can address tight muscle fibers where a sports massage can help those involved in sporting activities and assist in preventing or treating some injuries.

Regardless of your type of massage, everyone can benefit from the relaxation and comfort of a massage at HLC Wellness!

Come and join us for your Valentines Day massage with your loved one!