HLC Spa becomes the only spa in Florida to offer Angelic Lift

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August 14, 2013
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January 28, 2016
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HLC Spa becomes the only spa in Florida to offer Angelic Lift

angelic lift no cut butt lift

Angelic Lift is now available at HLC Wellness Spa and nowhere else!

Angelic Lift has been turning the aesthetic industry upside down with the amazing results produced by Angel Rodriguez.  Angel’s decade of experience and his idea to use 2 different machines together to offer no cut tummy tucks, face lifts and butt lifts has been causing quite a stir as these results are comparable to plastic surgery without the down time, pain or cost of a typical procedure.

Local and national celebrities have been flocking to the Lake Mary and Miami office to try Angelic Lift so that they can still look good in front of the unforgiving lens of a high definition camera.  Local celebrities such as Sandra Carrasquillo, Laura Diaz and Leslye Gale have been all been in for the treatment with exceptional results.  Leslye Gayle produced countless photos of her before and after pictures to showcase the incredible look of her new body, thanks to Angelic Lift.

In Miami, Angel’s office is experiencing unprecedented growth due to the number of high profile international celebrities that have been flocking to his office.  Spanish soap opera stars have been all over this treatment and love the results as well as the fact that there is zero down time or pain associated with this program.


People have been flying in from all over the world to receive the treatment that has yielded the same results that Leslye Gale showed everyone on her Magic 107.7 blog.



leslye_new_resizedCheck out Leslye’s blog posting here on the Magic 107.7 website



The spa at HLC Wellness was lucky enough to partner with Angel to introduce this new therapy to Central Florida and our residents couldn’t be happier.  Angelic Lift was already featured in Lake Mary Life magazine and is being utilized by more and more happy patrons as they discover this amazing therapy that removes blemishes, sun damage, diminishes cellulite and produces amazing results through Angel’s techniques with the No-cut tummy tuck, no-cut face lift and no-cut Brazilian Butt Lifts!  Plastic surgeons are trying to replicate the results of Angel and introducing other lift type programs but only Angel’s experience and unique techniques can produce the “Angelic Lift” results that celebrities and locals of Central Florida have come to love.