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HLC Wellness Spa Of Lake Mary

Our Spa has been over for 13 years, serving residents of Lake Mary.  We provide amazing non-invasive body contouring, massage, facials and wellness services.  Our body contouring and weight loss services provides programs for all budgets including infrared body wraps, Velashape 3 and the amazing Ultrashape Power.

Our massage therapists and licensed aestheticians can help you to get that glow back, eliminate acne or tighten your face with our non-invasive no cut face lifts.

Infrared Body Wrap

Infrared Body Wrap can burn up to 1400 calories in a single session.  The infrared heat is great for pain and this is an amazing detox.  Silicon pads wrap over your clothing and provide far reaching infrared heat for inch loss and calorie burning.

rezenerate facial in lake mary


We use the latest technology to provide glowing facials.  Our rezenerate facials are a perfect complement to Image and isClinical skincare.  The isClinical Fire and Ice facial is used by celebrities and is our most popular facial in Lake Mary.


60 Day Weight Loss

Doctor Supervised 60 Day weight Loss Program.  Lose 20-40 pounds in just 60 days with an easy Doctor supervised natural program.

Easy to use, natural sublingual drops with daily access to the doctor, easy app to chat with the doctor and amazing recipes.  No pre-packaged food or counting calories all day.

Bonus lipo melt injections are also available.

Our program starts with a free consultation and body scan, followed by a consultation with the doctor and weekly visits.

Body Contouring

Ultrashape Power destroys more fat than Coolsculpting.  Focused Ultrasound destroys fat with no downtime, no inflammation, no freezing, no swelling or bruising.  Combine this incredible treatment with Velashape 3 and Elos Skin Tightening Technology for a complete non-invasive body contouring solution.  Come in for a free consultation today.

Ultrashape Power

Located in the heart of Lake Mary.

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